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Delay in accounts

Sorry about the delay in accounts/updates. I'm going through some things with real life at the moment. Hard to tell what the outcome will be. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Account Creation

New account creation has been temporarily disabled because of the massive amounts of phony accounts.

If you would like an account, Contact Us here and state the email you would like to use and the username.

Random Users & Posts

There have been a lot of users that are unidentified and abusing this site :(, so unfortunately, Visitors must now be approved!

If your account was cancelled by mistake, I could have clicked on your name accidentally. Please re-register if you would like access to SD as some items will need an account to view.

Accounts are being reviewed because of the numerous bogus usernames and posts.


Sorry I haven't been online much to give proper instruction on what I'm looking for and to start some discussions on this quite page, LOL :D

Having a couple low paying jobs while maintaining SD, paying SDcom bills and taking care of home duties is quite challenging, which is why I'm enlisting the help of community members (SD Mods) to help on this (SDD) site. SDcom is mostly coded, so it is hard to find HTML/PHP developers as volunteers. This site (SDD, child of SDcom) allows for users to also add content and engage with other players.


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